Top Free Agents Remaining and Why They’re Still There

By Jack Arnott

There is no cause for worry if your team hasn’t made a big splash in the free agency yet. Sure, most of the big fish are out of the water, but there are plenty of serviceable players to potential star players left in the free agent market. I’ll take a look at the top 4 remaining free agents.

1. Shane Doan – 22-28-50

The number one player left in the free agent pool in Shane Doan. The Phoenix Coyotes captain has played with the Coyotes franchise since before it moved from Winnipeg in 1996. Doan is a big winger standing at 6’2 and 228 pounds and wears his heart on his sleeve while playing.  In his 13 years of full time NHL duty, Doan has scored 20+ goals 11 times and is always relied on for offense and leadership. Drafted 7th overall in 1995 by the Winnipeg Jets, Doan is now 35 years old and is looking for a team with a stable ownership and a perennial Stanley Cup contender. The only reason he hasn’t signed yet is because he has not decided which of his many suitors he’ll ink a deal with.

2. Alexander Semin – 21-33-54

Alexander Semin is another talent who remains unsigned. The Washington Capitals forward is the most skilled player in this free agent crop (including Zach Parise). Semin boasts a dynamic skill-set that immediately makes him a focus for opposing defensemen. Talent-wise, he is one of the best players in the NHL. However, Semin has problems with motivation and often appears lazy on the ice. He has drawn criticism for not playing a 200 foot game and was benched under coach Dale Hunter when he refused to play Hunter’s defensive game. Semin was given career-low minutes in the playoffs and seems to want out of Washington. Whether or not he’ll stay in the NHL has yet to be decided, the KHL always remains an option for Russian-born players like Semin.

3. Carlo Colaiacovo – 2-17-19

Carlo Colaiacovo is an interesting defenseman that is still left on the market. At only 29 years of age, Colaiacovo is in his prime and still has some great years ahead of him. He is a strong third pairing defenseman or a solid second pair defenseman and can move the puck well from the backend. He can also man the point on a powerplay and has some offensive ability to go with his puck moving skills. Colaiacovo could be a great pickup for a team that is lacking some punch from the D but cannot afford any of the big names. The reason that he has not been signed yet is that he cannot seem to shake the injury bug that has been plaguing him his whole career. Never in his career has Colaiacovo played a full 82 game season; in fact the most games he has ever played in the NHL was 67 games in the 2009-10 season with the St. Louis Blues. Due to his injury problems, Colaiacovo could be had for a small amount of money and is a low-risk high-reward player.

4. Dominic Moore – 4-21-25

Dominic Moore is not the type of player that the fans talk about when they’re talking about their star players. He isn’t the type of player to score 30 goals or be featured on Sports Centre or ESPN. Moore is the guy who shuts down opposing teams’ star players while chipping in a little bit offensively. He is the guy who stays longer than anyone else on the ice working on his skills. Moore has been traded 7 times in his career, usually at the trade deadline to a team that is looking to improve their bottom six forwards for a long Stanley Cup run. Used extensively on the penalty kill by all of the 9 NHL teams he has represented,  Moore is a defensive specialist whose role is invaluable but has not been signed yet due to his declining production in terms of offense.